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In 2011 SPRING PR-Company initiated its Corporate Social Responsibility project - Let’s Care Armenia.

The Project primary goal is:

  • to reveal socio-economic, ecological, cultural and other significant issues in Armenia,
  • to raise public awareness on those issues
  • to elaborate practical solutions, involving all stakeholders and beneficiaries.

The Project first endeavor was the “Let’s Care – World Water Day– Armenia 2012” (which has become an annual event since then) initiative which was implemented in line with the United Nations General Assembly campaign accepting 22 March 1993 as the first World Water Day.

Various events photo sessions, professional discussions, workshops and conferences are conducted in the framework of Let’s Care Armenia project. 

Among the participants of our events are state agencies, local NGOs, international development organizations, donor funded projects and private sector representatives.

In 2012 the Company has developed new phase of the Let’s Care Armenia initiative which is Let’s Care Armenia Vardavar 2012 Project (which has become an annual event since then). It’s worth mentioning that Let’s Care Armenia Vardavar 2012 Project is aimed at addressing not only certain social challenges, but also at attracting public attention to national holidays and non-material cultural values distribution and maintaining.

SPRING PR-agency is awarded the Communication 4 Future Davos Awards 2017 (held on March 14 in Geneva, Switzerland) for the title "Pro Bono of the Future" for its Corporate Social Responsibility Project - "Lets Care, Armenia!" Pro Bono of the Future" is given for Corporate who show case an outstanding results in non-commercial communications and charitable projects.