Armenian Gata Makes it into the Guinness Book of Records

​On September 28, a representative of Guinness World Records Limited, Joanna Marry Brent, added world’s biggest gata in the Guinness Book of Records. After 11 months of preparations, Yeremyan Projects, brought their idea into reality.

Gata is a type of Armenian pastry or simply Armenian sweet bread. While gata is adored throughout the whole country, each region has its own variation of it. Most of the time gatas are decorated with different ornaments and words. 

The making of the record breaking 368.8 kg heavy gata took over 24 hours, yet the idea behind it came to be back at the beginning of 2018. The workers of the company made the biggest gata in May, yet they didn’t have any representatives from Guinness World Records. Now, after long months of preparations, Yeremyan Projects made their record official and all in honor of the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan.

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