#FlowerPower Floral Photo exhibition Held in Yerevan.

#FlowerPower is a unique project, in the scope of which it was held a photoshoot featuring vibrant and elegant, inspiring women and girls living in Yerevan. The florists involved in the project, using their skills  working with the flowers and a rich assortment of flowers created unique floral patterns for each participant.

“The #FlowerPower project is dedicated to women, each of whom is a vibrant individual ... They have many achievements in life, the power and influence to transform lives, make them better, more peaceful, beautiful and harmonious.

Note that the flower project was not over yet, it was launched #FlowerPower flash mob on Facebook.  According to the agreement, the project participants changed their profile pictures by their floral photoshoot allowing the general public to get acquainted with the initiative and share their impressions.

Avenue des Fleurs has a special place in Armenia in the field of flower design since 2006 due to professional and creative work. Conceptual floral arrangements by Avenue des Fleurs are part of the highlights and life event. The company has a mission to develop a culture of giving flower by implementing interesting projects.

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