Opening ceremony of Frankophonie Park and Family Sports Complex in Masis

On June 25, 2019 Development Fund of Masis has officially established Francophonie Park and Family Sports Complex in Masis, Ararat province with the support of AFFA charitable organization (Adibekyan Family Foundation for Advancement). Event was organized in the framework of Youth Initiative in Masis and international contacts expansion between the Alliance Francophonie countries.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of Armenian government and local authorities, international and non-governmental organizations, embassies, local and foreign mass media.

Event’s publicity was conditioned by effective implementation of such long-term and systematic programs as family sports complex’s construction (for development of massive and infantile sports), Francophonie Park construction (as an international and cultural communication platform), introduction of French language instruction in schools of Masis, Youth Center creation (for the development of youth self-management and initiative skills), and construction of TUMO creative technology center in Masis, provided by AFFA and Development Fund of Masis.

The function of SPRING PR company was:

  • Implementation of PR strategy
  • Media relations (local media and international)
  • Development and dissemination of media documents
  • Full Event management
  • Development of creative ideas
  • Media monitoring & evaluation, press clipping
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