Let's Care Armenia-World Water Day 2012    

Since 1992, when the United Nations General Assembly accepted 22 March as the first World Water Day, 22 March (World Water Day) became a unique opportunity to remind humanity of the utmost importance of water for the environment and social development.
     Having a deep understanding of the great importance of this UN initiative, SPRIN Group Strategic PR Company and DEMO Production  intend to launch a project: series of events aimed at understanding the current situation with water resources and related issues in Armenia, as well as highlighting the main strategic solutions. Worth mentioning that our project has already joint the UN Water Campaign and is officially presented in the UN Water Worldwide Events list.

       Offered events are as follows:

1.    6.03.2012 – PRESS CONFERENCE 
       The events planned in the framework of World Water Day 2012 will be launched with a Press Conference where the Project goals, objectives, as            well as events list and agenda will be introduced to mass media representatives and public by the Project participants.

2.    14.03.2012  – EXPERTS DISCUSSIONS 
       Current issues and possible solutions will be discussed at experts’ levels. 

3.    7.03.2012- 25.03.2012 – TV AND ON-LINE INTERVIEWS

4.    01.03.2012-18.03.2012 – PHOTOSESSIONS 
       Popular public figures and representatives of Armenian show-business will participate in the session. Main issues in the field will be presented to        the society large masses and youth with the help of well-known public figures and show-business representatives’ participation pointing out the        social significance of the Project.

5.    01.03.2012-20.03.2012 – PHOTO CONTEST.

6.    22.03.2012 – CLOSING PHOTO EXHIBITION.


 7.    22.03.2012 – CLOSING CONFERENCE on “World Water Day 2012”
        The conference will be aimed at getting the attention of local and international donor agencies, NGOs, proper state bodies and private sector to         the issues related to water resources management, supply and maintenance. The goal and main function of the Project and closing conference           is to contribute to the establishment of cooperation relations between the Project participants, companies having social responsibility, as well as         businesses providing financial support for such development projects, which may result in finding more efficient solutions of the current                     challenges development of public-private-partnership culture. 

  Events location is Armenia Marriott Hotel .