ProfEye Challenge by ProfAl LLC

The first object in the ProfEye Challenge project is the press building.

In the framework of the "ProfEye Challenge" project, it has been started voting for the restoration of the featured and historical building of the Yerevan press and it has an objective to preserve, restore and modernize the historical and cultural heritage of Yerevan.

This is a unique platform for designers, architects and architectural companies to realize their brave ideas and present their architectural vision to the public in a new way.

ProfEye Challenge is implemented by one of the leading construction organizations in Armenia Prof Al with the RA Urban Development Committee and the RA State Property Management Committee.

The authors of all the winning projects will leave for Greece where they will have an opportunity to exchange the experience and have training in one of the leading companies in Thessaloniki Alimil. It is the partner organization of Prof Al and one of the best in the world in the production of aluminium profiles and accessories

The function of SPRING PR company is:

  • Project Author
  • Naming 
  • Media documents Creation & Distribution
  • Mass Media Relations
  • Organising of Press Conference 
  • Organising of Interviews 
  • Media Monitoring - analytical material & Press clipping  
  • Event management