SPRING PR marks the 10th anniversary: IPRA Golden World Awards arrives in Yerevan

On 27 September, the largest event in PR, the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) Golden World Awards 2019 award ceremony and Gala dinner took place in Yerevan.

Around 120 experts, representatives of state institutions, top-level managers of major companies and communication specialists from more than 50 countries (Russia, USA, Great Britain, Japan, China, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Argentina and a number of European countries) arrived in Armenia at the initiative of SPRING PR-company.

Awards are presented at IPRA Golden World Awards for successful communication campaigns in the fields of tourism, communications, information technologies, finance, health, etc.
Awards were given to such organizations as Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, Adidas, Paysafe Group, Lukoil, Coca Cola Spain. Pan American Energy, Yahoo! JAPAN, Central Bank of Nigeria, P&G, Aramco, KFC Russia, McDonald’s, Hungary, Ford, Roche, Rossiya Segodnya, Saudi Electricity Company, University of London Worldwide, IKEA, Indonesian Ministry of Finance, HSBC, Viber Russia, Siemens and Riga International Airport among others.

For the first time in the history of IPRA Golden World Awards ceremony, the Global Host Award was given to SPRING PR-company for carrying out such a successful large event and communication campaign.

Summarizing the results of the award ceremony, SPRING PR-company co-founder Nvard Melkonyan highlighted the role of such events in strengthening the cooperation between the international professional community and local specialists, learning the field news and sharing experience.