"Stylish" Culinary and "Delicious" Fashion. GASTRO COUTURE Show

GASTRO COUTURE is an exclusive showcase of the conceptual collection of traditional Armenian food colours and the concept of hospitality in general, which is a joint project of Yeremyan Projects and Harmony Yerevan Fashion House.

The national cuisine and culture have been the source of inspiration for these two worlds of creative aesthetics - the combination of cuisine and fashion. The goal of the GASTRO COUTURE project is to present the traditional Armenian cuisine in a new and fabulous context.

Yeremyan Projects has launched GASTRO COUTURE with the mission of preserving the national cuisine and hospitality traditions and at the same time presenting them in a new way, raising awareness, and "Harmony Yerevan" with the development of Armenian high fashion traditions.

The function of SPRING PR company is:

  • Project Author
  • Naming 
  • Media documents Creation & Distribution
  • Mass Media Relations
  • Video Production for the event
  • Photo Concept Development
  • Organising of Interviews 
  • Media Monitoring - analytical material & Press clipping  
  • Event management