Strategic PR Initiative Group

Strategic PR Initiative Group is an Armenia-based Communications group which was founded in 2009 by group of professionals in the field of Sociology and Communications. The brand name of the company is SPRING which is the abbreviation of Strategic PR Initiative Group.

The Company is specializing in strategic communications, planning and development in PR, GR, advertising, marketing, branding, mobile marketing services, researches (and etc.) for local and international business.

SPRING PR-Company's longstanding relationships with Media and strong connections with journalists, who write for national and regional media, and its ability in generating high value media coverage with placements of very specific content in a large variety of types of outlets (including print, broadcast, electronic and social media) is saving a considerable expense of money in bringing journalists to the events of our clients.

For us PR is not just a function or a service we provide, but our profession and lifestyle.


  • to raise your brand awareness 
  • to build strong internal and external relations
  • to promote your products and services in social media
  • to reach target audience through mobile marketing technologies
  • to build strong media relations
  • to build strong government relations
  • to provide with an extensive media coverage
  • to generate and command favorable publicity in the media
  • to involve your target audiences through creative approaches and integrating your concepts in planned events and activities. 


marketing communications

Communication is, of course, essential in any relationship. Building and managing relationships with consumers and customers are of at most importance in marketing communications. Marketing communications helps the organization to create relations with customers not only by means of messages, but also by the choice of media corresponding to the customers' necessities. And of course one of the most important points in the two - way symmetric communication is the implementation of various marketing researches and surveys.

pr services
  • Strategic PR & Partnerships
  • Sustainability Corporate Responsibility
  • Media Relations
  • PR Campaign & Management
  • Positioning
  • PR Events Planning & implementation
  • PR documents
  • Press Release Creation & Distribution
  • Press Kit Development etc.
  • Talented relations
  • Crisis Management
marketing communications
  • Creative promotions
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Email Campaigns
  • Direct Mail
  • Newsletters
  • Branding & Launch
  • Event Planning
  • Sponsorships
  • Marketing reseaches
  • Hall test
  • Home test
  • Omnibus
  • Desk research
  • Social Promotion

One of the main directions of the Company is a sociological support for PR and advertising campaigns, various kinds of research.

SPRING PR provides the full implementation of the research initiatives, starting from the formulation of the goals and objectives, developing the methodology, ending with the analysis of the results and recommendations. SPRING PR keeps its confidentiality while realizing the customer's goals if needed. In its projects

SPRING PR uses full spectrum of modern methods of data collection and processing. Company provides a wide range of services, depending on objectives, resources, characteristics of the research objects, information requirements and time constraints. Here our customer can use both a service package and its individual operations and the elements. In addition, our specialists possess methods of content analysis and discourse analysis of texts, which can be applied both as text materials in print media, and audio or video materials.

Input and data processing is carried out through SPSS. The use of extensive mathematical apparatus allows our professionals to make in-depth analysis and to provide the most complete and accurate information.

Some Implemented Researches

  • Research on EBRD Know – How Information Campaign Brand Awareness’s, comparing recognition of the content and visuals before and after the campaign, August 2015 – till now.
  • Marketing research for Bama Group LTD, development of marketing objectives, recommendations and brand communication strategy, promotion and visibility campaigns. 2015
  • Marketing research for SamGrig LLC, development of marketing objectives, recommendations and brand communication strategy, promotion and visibility campaigns. 2015
  • Marketing research for Prozon LLC, development of marketing objectives and recommendations, brand communication strategy, promotion and visibility campaigns 2014
  • Marketing research for Cratus Energy LLC, development of marketing objectives and recommendations, brand communication strategy, promotion and visibility campaigns 2013
  • Sociological research on public attitudes about the treatment (Research for Civil Society Institute NGO 2013)
  • Research on professional issues of PR sector in Armenia from specialists' viewpoint 2012.
  • Research for “ARDSHININVESTBANK” the main goal is to find out its consumers perceptions and to measure the brand - identity.
  • "Relevance of Education and the Regional Agenda for Employment” 2010
  • Research for National Centre for Vocational Education and Training Development .
  • “Sociological research in the area of vocational training”.
  • “The peculiarities of Armenian PR sector formation: the current situation and the perspectives of development.”
  • Actualization of “Hero - Antihero” mythologemĐ° in context of ArmenTel – VivaCell (Armenian Telecoms) competition
  • “Images of the Political Leaders and Parties in Yerevan”
  • “Factors of Political Preferences and Political Parties’ Ratings”
  • “Images of the Municipality and Local Authorities in Yerevan” and “Needs Assessments of Yerevan Population”
  • “Images of the Local Authorities and Political Leaders in Syuniq Marz”
  • “Images and Resources of Armenian Political Parties and Political Leaders” - “Political Preferences in Yerevan population

    Strategic PR Initiative Group Research Services

    Quantitative Research

    • Public Opinion Research
    • Polls
    • Content analysis
    • Construction of the sample
    • Mass survey - questionnaires standardized personal interviews
    • Telephone interviews
    • Home tests and a hall-tests
    • Mandatory control at least 10% of the sample

    Qualitative Research

    • Focus groups
    • Case Studies
    • In-depth studies
    • Interviewing
    • Expert interviews
    • Market Research
    • Political Research
    • PR studies to identify target
    • Creative promotions



        We provide top quality Communications trainings for corporate organisations and individuals. SPRING PR trainers are the leading experts in their fields.

        SPRING PR trainings list: 

        • Public Relations
        • Media Relations
        • Event Management
        • Strategic Planning and Marketing
        • Management
        • Crisis Management
        • Investor Relations
        • Political PR
        • HR management
        • CSR (Corporate social responsibility)
        • Strategic Branding Communications
        • Image-Making and business etiquette 
        • Sales and B2B

        Nowadays, the world of business and commerce is so dynamic, that it is quite impossible for professionals to keep up with the latest trends without the use of a concise plan.

        Today, it is hard to find a leading expert in any field who's CV does not contain at least one record concerning passed trainings. Nowadays, when information is of at most importance for successful professional, the role of the permanent, continuous and goal-oriented education is rising.

        This form of education is by far the most convenient and productive for working professional, who wants to be aware of all the important news and developments in his professional area, deepen his knowledge in a particular industry as well as to achieve definitely new level of professionalism.

        So, if ...You desire to be able to compete most effectively in today's market. You desire your staffs to be knowledgeable and able to provide clients their expertise in problem fixing.

        Think about engaging the services of trainers to improve the career management and efficiency of your staffs.