On May 19, “Cityzen” children's city of specialties in “Play City” hosted media representatives and their children, where they spent an interesting and fun day. During the event media representatives and their children toured the city of professions. After that, children have had the opportunity to transform into different professionals through the role-playing games and to discover the secrets of the most interesting professions, acquire useful skills, new knowledge that can successfully use in everyday life.

Cityzen is a city of professions, where there is everything a regular city has – streets, buildings, squares, as well as other urban infrastructures, including a hospital, beauty salon and fire station.

In Cityzen children decide on their own, which center to go to, what profession to choose, how to earn or spend money. Cityzen provides a safe educational and entertaining environment, where the child gets new knowledge, gains experience and impressions, and has an opportunity to be independent.

SPRING PR supports "CYTIZEN" with:

  • Mass Media Relations
  • Media documents Creation & Distribution
  • Press Tour Organization & Implementation
  • Media event full management
  • Professional photo shoot
  • Media monitoring & evaluation, press clipping