Yeremyan Projects breaks into armenian marketplace with restaurant business initiatives

Owned by Yeremyan Projects Tavern Yerevan restaurant chain has been representing both Armenian and regional cuisines in the local marketplace for a decade.

Yeremyan Projects represents Yerevani Shaurma fast food restaurant chain in the Armenian restaurant industry prioritizing the use of ecologically clean, exclusively fresh and high-quality local meat thereby shattering all stereotypical views about fast food.

After the opening of Tavern Yerevan chain, Yeremyan Projects brought a fresh perspective and breathed a new lease of life to the Armenian restaurant industry by opening Lavash Restaurant – a delicious new spot in the city where the vintage design and Armenian cuisine are matched and beautifully contrasted with each other.

Every business initiative by "Yeremyan Projects" undoubtedly aims to present culinary creative innovations and introduce new word in culinary. Newly opened Sherep Restaurant, which is the first restaurant with open kitchen in Armenia, is not an exception. Here you can follow the process of the preparation of each dish and be closer to the culinary art.

Yeremyan Projects has made it its mission to render our city as one of the most hospitable spots of the world and familiarize people from all across the globe with the taste and aroma of Armenian cuisine as the most demanded and favored.

Yeremyan Projects runs its businesses exclusively within the framework of its own corporate social responsibility acknowledging and assessing the positive and negative effects and risks thereof to ensure that its business management has a positive impact on the country’s social-economic growth thereby benefiting the sustainable development of society and the business sector.

SPRING PR-Company is the PR agency of Yeremyan Projects, since 2017 till present with.

  • Implementation of PR strategy
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  • Organising of media events
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